Re: feedback on the drafts relating to profiles

Dear Paul,

Quite some time ago you provided on the Profiles Vocabulary & Profiles Guidance document drafts:

Parts of those comments have been discussed within GitHub Issues: - Use of "standard". - Profiles Ontology Figure 3 (see comment - Indicate a conventional way to automatically validate data instances of application profiles

For 792, 
* Changes have been made to the Vocabulary 
* Changes are noted in the Issue

For 731:
* The diagrams are OWL diagrams (informal expressions of OWL ontology entities) since the vocabulary is an OWL ontology. This has been noted in the caption for Figure 1 (see and all Figures improved.

For 698:
* This Issue has had discussion, including your comments, and now a proposal, from rob-metalinkage to close it who proposes that the remaining concern is out of scope. 
* Can you perhaps provide any further reflections on this so that we may either refine the Issue, make a new one or just close?



Received on Thursday, 29 August 2019 15:06:12 UTC