Comments on draft charter

[Charter version as of 27-Mar commits; 6bec9c8]

Slightly substantive:

Mission: "Facilitate and encourage" is pretty vague.  As there's a 
deliverable on application profiles, this mission could be stronger if 
it said "Create and publish guidance on".

Goals, third paragraph: the second sentence suggests that the only thing 
application profiles provide are cardinality constraints and enumerated 
value sets.  Is that an intended interpretation?  If not, the sentence 
could be tweaked to not limit the scope of what could be included in the 
Guidance deliverable.

Goals, fourth paragraph: who will publish the RFC?  If it is intended to 
be a work product of this WG the charter should say so.  If not, the 
sentence could be clarified accordingly.

Scope: I suggest bounding the "other formats" so the WG doesn't get 
side-tracked.  At least it should be out of scope to create _new_ 
formats.  Perhaps the sentence means various serializations of RDF?  I'd 
encourage that latter constraint -- other Groups are free to translate 
one of the (normative) RDF serializations into something else.

Success Criteria: the question was raised in an unrelated context 
whether "use" of a term should mean simply "appears in" or "both 
published and consumed".  I encourage the latter; i.e. to exit Candidate 
Recommendation the WG should consider demonstrating that there is at 
least one instance of a publisher for each term and a consumer for that 

Deliverables: s/but will not delete/but MUST NOT delete/
(uppercase optional)


Status: s/undego/undergo/

Goals: s/between/among/

Goals, second paragraph: don't demote the parenthetical; "... DCAT lacks 
a way to describe these APIs; version 1 primarily supports the discovery 
of static datasets."

Goals, third paragraph: the last sentence would be strengthened by 
citing some specific DCAT application profiles.

Success Criteria, Coordination, Decision Policy: there are several links 
to a dated version of the Process Document; these should be to the 
"latest version", particularly as the cited version is not the current 
published version.

Received on Tuesday, 28 March 2017 16:13:27 UTC