New DQV example for Quality Policy

Dear all,

Related to the discussions on Issue-199 and Action-203 [1], we have created a new DQV section with an example of using ODRL to describe instances of dqv:QualityPolicy

About the main point for Issue-199, i.e whether dqv:QualityPolicy should be a subclass of dcterms:Standard.
Some policies will be very specific: we envision some could be instances of odrl:Agreement and odrl:Offer that represent bilateral contracts between parties.
While the definition of dcterms:Standard could be understood to cover it [2], we think it is far stretched that to consider that specific bilateral agreements could be called 'standards'. The label of the class is really a big obstacle here.

So we suggest to *not* declare dqv:QualityPolicy should be a subclass of dcterms:Standard. But adding a note that some instances of dqv:QualityPolicy could be also instances of dcterms:Standard, i.e. when their status of reference is official enough.


Antoine  and Riccardo

[2] "A basis for comparison; a reference point against which other things can be evaluated"

Received on Monday, 14 March 2016 08:42:31 UTC