Re: Language properties - eating one's own dog food

Hi Antoine,

thanks for pointing that.

I updated the example 4 with the same value that is in the dct:language 
of example 7.
I'll look carefully at the other examples to see if there are other 
issues like this one.

Besides this, in the BP "Provide locale parameters metadata" [1] there 
is an issue[2] to deal that is related to the properties to describe 
date, time and numeric formats. Would you mind helping us on that?


[2] ISSUE-167:

Em 26/02/16 15:27, Antoine Isaac escreveu:
> Hi everyone,
> Our BPs aim to encourage comparability of the data, standardization, 
> re-use of vocabularies, etc.
> Considering this I find it quite puzzling - or frankly disturbing - 
> that the values for dct:language are picked from different 
> vocabularies at
> - dct:language <>; in example 4
> - dct:language <> in example 7 
> (among others)
> Antoine

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