Re: dwbp-ISSUE-166: Should the data vocabularies section be removed? [Best practices document(s)]

Hi everyone,

I've updated the Vocabulary section of the BP doc [1] in relation with three of today's resolutions about it [2]

RESOLVED: That Use Standardized Terms be amended to refer to code lists and other commonly used terms.
I've also added a mention to code list in the intro.

RESOLVED: That Re-use vocabularies be retained but that it should refer to 'terms or attributes' to broaden the acceptance beyond the LD community
I've also implemented Makx's proposal to add (... "terms" or "attributes") into "According to W3C, vocabularies define the concepts and relationships (also referred to as “terms”) ..."

RESOLVED: That Document vocabularies, Share vocabularies in an open way, Vocabulary versioning be removed from the document.
I've only commented them out, though, because we might have a problem about our requirements.
Just before removing these 3 BPs I remembered these were not introduced without a reason. Namely, these were indeed introduced to meet 3 requirements:

R-VocabDocum is now only in BP16 "Choose the right formalization level". The two others are not mentioned anymore int he BP doc.
Are we ok leaving these requirements not fully met?
What kind of action would it require then?




Received on Thursday, 24 September 2015 19:43:33 UTC