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Hi Bernadette,


Thanks! This is a great start.


Two things:


*         IN BP7, I would exclude the translation case; this is a bit different because the data (the observations) do not change, so it’s not covered by your definition “A and B store values for the same observation about the world and dataset B gives new values to such observation”. For example, DCAT recommends language versions to be modelled as Distributions of the same Dataset.


*         In BP8, you might include an approach based on timestamping in the Possible Approach to Implementation; this is what a lot of people are already doing.







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Hi all,


I started the rewriting of the versioning section [1] according to some of the ideas discussed in this thread and it will be great to have your feedback. Please feel free to make modifications or suggestions.


Until now, I just considered data updates. If possible, I'd like to have your opinion if schema updates should also be considered a case of versioning, i.e, when  the schema of a dataset changes, should be created a new dataset or just a new version of the existing dataset?








2015-08-04 15:17 GMT-03:00 Makx Dekkers < <> >:


Thanks for your thoughts.

> I think we are trying here to define the DWBP WG meaning for the term version, that is
> related to BPs "Provide versioning (version?) information" and "Provide version history".

Yes, this was my intention.

> Maybe we would need a new (more general) BP that talks about what metadata would
> be important for datasets that have some type of relations that we are not considering a
> "version" relation.
> (Types of relations that are considered sometimes as a version relation by other groups).

In fact, the DCAT-AP group was hoping that the DWBP WG could provide guidance on this.




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