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>> * ?R?
>> URI, URL, URN, IRI. Just use URI everywhere and add something like:
>>   "In this specification, the term URI is used for the identification schemes: URI, URL, URN and IRI ..."
>> This is line with the recommendation in RFC3986
>>   " ... Future specifications and related documentation should use the general term "URI" rather than the more restrictive terms "URL" and "URN" ..."
> But we *want* to be restrictive. We're only talking about HTTP URIs, we're not talking about URNs, or even URLs. Hence I think we need to say something, no?

Funny, I take the fact that we want to be restricted to discussing URIs as a reason *not* to add a discussion about them vs. URNs or URLs. The fact that we use a term in our document doesnít mean that we have to define it. It is defined elsewhere in W3C space plenty. Our document is already annoyingly long; letís help readers get to what is helpful information and leave out discussion that is not unique to publishing data on the web.

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