Action-62, Action-75, Issue-16 Ordnance Survey use case

During the vocabs call the other day I took an action item to write a 
use case that captured what, for me, is the essence of the need for the 
data usage vocabulary. I used the Ordnance Survey (Britain's mapping 
agency) as the exemplar as I have a citable quote from them concerning 
the need for them to see evidence that their open data is being used - 
or risk the whole thing being switched off.

So that was action-75. But, when checking tracker I see that I had 
effectively taken the same action a while back as action-62 which 
addresses issue-16...

So, I have written up the use case in the wiki [1].

@Gothwin - I'd be grateful if you could review it please and make sure 
that I have not in any way misrepresented OS (edit at will of course).

@Bernadette and Deirdre - looking at the UCR I wonder whether it 
duplicates too much of Tracking of Data Usage [2] - please feel free to 
take, edit, trash as you see fit.

I'm going to either write or, better yet, get someone better placed than 
me to write, a further UC that is more focussed on scientific citation 
(that should refer to the extensive work in the sci community around 
data citation).

I added a new requirement - that the provision of the usage data must be 
in the direct interests of the user (application developer etc.)





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