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On 24/08/16 17:39, Antoine Isaac wrote:
> Sorry I just forgot to add an answer to the following comments of yours:
>>> - adding additional information such as describing the problem
>>> ex:observ dcterms:description “The triples in the dataset are outdated”
> We think that nothing should prevent instances of dqv:QualityMeasurement to receive textual description by any appropriate vocabulary, like Dublin Core or PROV. In fact this is already what we've started to do by using some PROV predicates in our examples for measurements.
> This is also a bit like our use of the SKOS properties for describing instance of dqv:Dimension and dqv:Category.
> Among our last editorial actions, one is to add a small section noting that in our examples we use properties like skos:prefLabel and skos:definition on instances of these classes. We could extend this small section by saying it is alright to use other vocabularies like Dublin Core, and add your example. Would this be alright?

Well as a matter of fact I have just implemented my suggestion at

Is it alright for you?

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