Re: License for DPV


On 01/03/2022 20:31, Harshvardhan J. Pandit wrote:
> My confusion is related to this statement within the CLA: "Any source 
> code created by the Project is not subject to this CLA, but rather 
> subject to separate licensing terms for that source code." And that the 
> CLA seems more relevant to people contributing to DPV, whereas I'm 
> looking for information to tell potential adopters of DPV i.e. under 
> what LICENSE they can use the DPV.

Source code is again different. So far, the DPV is the report. In the 
report there is text and schema. IMHO, both are covered by the CLA. Now 
if there is additional source code, this should carry its own license.
> To follow good practice and put an explicit LICENSE file in the DPV repo 
> to indicate terms under which the adopter can use DPV. From your advice, 
> my understanding is (please correct me if I'm wrong here): I put the CLA 
> text in the LICENSE file.
> P.S. If this is correct, I'll change the LICENSE file text to CLA text 
> tomorrow.

I saw that you just copied the template from Ian. That's fine as is for 
the report. If there is additional source code, let's discuss what it 
should do and decide on a license.


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