Agenda for DPVCG Meeting 22 JUN 14:00 CEST

Hello. See below agenda, prior minutes, and joining details for meeting 
on 22 JUN 14:00 CEST.


Previous meeting:

     Proposed concepts for DPIA - see email
     Proposal for Rights - see email
     Proposal for Rules - see email
     Association of ISO and other standards to DPV concepts
     AOB - to add items, reply to the agenda email

Dial in info: 
Meeting link shared on the internal (members-only) mailing list. For 
non-members, please request the link to chair (

P.S. typically this email is sent automatically by the W3C calendar 
site, but this time it has not worked. If you have received multiple 
emails with the agenda, please let me know so I can follow up with the 
system admin and file a bug report.

Harshvardhan J. Pandit, Ph.D
Research Fellow
ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin

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