Adding YOUR Funding and other Acknowledgements

Hello. We should add the funding acknowledgements of people who 
contribute to DPVCG outputs to make this transparent, as well as to 
enable the contributors and their funders to track impact.

If you have been a contributor, either in the past or the present, and 
want to add your funding acknowledgement - please reply to me with the 
relevant information (e.g. grant number, title of project, an exact 
statement). Please also provide the active years (e.g. 2016-2020) of 
funding so as to not imply its perpetuity.

I will collect these and add them to GitHub, HTML, other documents close 
to SEP-01.

Funding Acknowledgements can be of two forms:

1) Funding explicitly to work on DPVCG - these will be listed as "This 
work has been made possible through the following funding: <funding 
scheme> - <funded member>.
e.g. SPECIAL created DPVCG, and contributed to it.
e.g. My IRC Postdoctoral Fellowship allows me to work on DPV.

2) You have contributed to something in DPVCG, but your funding is NOT 
about DPVCG - these will be listed as "Acknowledgements for 
contributors' funding sources: <funded member> - <funding scheme>
e.g. My research group (ADAPT) funding (from SFI) is for hosting me
e.g. You work in a H2020 project and contribute to DPV

Suggestions/Queries/Criticisms for the above are welcome.

Harshvardhan J. Pandit, Ph.D
Research Fellow
ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin

Received on Monday, 11 July 2022 10:13:07 UTC