Re: Invitation to Present DPV Thurs Jan 28th

Dear Mark,

thank you for the great news, I'd love to help but unfortunately I am 
fully booked for the next 10 days.

best regards,


On 26/01/21 00:25, Mark Lizar wrote:
> Hello DPV,
> We are happy to announce that the Kantara ANCR WG is  launching on 
> Privacy Day to continue you the Consent Receipt work.  (Seeinvite/web 
> page <>)
> As Harsh is not available, we are looking for a volunteer. In which 
> Harsh  has a great presentation already, if this would be of use?
> The focus of the launch is to promote the stack of interoperable 
> standards and specification efforts for decentralizing data governance 
> in an identity management centric community.
> The ANCR WG aims to promote  the DPVC V0.02 for standardized legal 
> vocabulary as it is very much needed to fill in the Notice and Consent 
> Receipt record format at.
> With this in mind, would anyone like to present on the power of 
> standardized semantics, and its computational use?  (If so pls get in 
> touch) (the session is between 10:00 and 11:30 Edt on Thursday
> Kind Regards,
> Mark

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