Thread #2: The Notice & Consent Summer Project

Hello DPV & Kantara ISI, 
(The second DPV thread is a cross post)

Following the events over the last few weeks, there is now the kick-off of the Kantara ISI - Notice & Consent Summer Project tomorrow <>  thanks Harsh for providing permission to cross post,  and to invite interest. 

The project entails using this excellent DPV work to Map Consent and Notice requirements/categories in the Global Alliance for Genomic Health, <> 

The legal specification and framework is already specified <> and we have support from James, Jan Scott, Paul and Anadi, (cc’d) for any questions or requirements to ease any DPV mapping challenges. 

Best Regards, 

The Consent & Notice Summer Project  

PS -  We expect some of this semantics conversation to happen in a new Decentralised Semantics list at the Trust over IP Foundation,( but since it’s not officially launched so I can’t say for sure). For more information - or to sign up to a list to show interest - here is the Notice: from Hyperledger indy Semantics WG:. 

After nearly 18 months in existence, the Hyperledger Indy Semantics WG, the original home for "overlays" discussions, will be closing shop. We are currently in the process of setting up a new Decentralized Semantics WG at the Trust over IP Foundation. The mission and scope of the new group will be to define a data capture architecture consisting of immutable schema bases and interoperable overlays for Internet-scale deployment. For more information, check out the new wiki page at  <>

If you are interested in being included in the kick-off plans for the newly proposed group, please add your name and email address to the following list. We will then add your name to the wiki and send a calendar invite to your email address. Please note that your email address will not be added to the wiki for privacy reasons. <>

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