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I am unable to make it to the meeting today unfortunately (competing work call)  - but  we very much would like to get some information on how the GA4GH exploration is going.   Perhaps Paul or Jan can make the call in an hour. 

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- Mark 

> On 6 Jul 2020, at 17:10, OCG Info <> wrote:
> HI Harsh, (et al) 
> This is quite the good list of items to do to get operational,
> I have a use case request, is it possible to pick up the GA4GH and discuss this work tomorrow?   The reason I ask, there is a  new workgroup, ToiP(Trust over IP) Decentralised Semantics,  and its the first call tomorrow (after the DPV Call) and I think this might be of interest for DSWG as wee.  As there is a keen interest in collecting and looking at these legal semantics in terms of application and use in/at GA4GH.   
> Would it be a good idea  to raise this topic  tomorrow and get a report on what you have found so far ? 
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> - Mark 
>> On 6 Jul 2020, at 13:44, Harshvardhan J. Pandit <> wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> The following are some proposed future deliverables and timeline.
>> I plan to update the group's main page on W3C with this information.
>> Comments, suggestions, changes are welcome.
>> The group functions based on interest and active participation from the community. Therefore, I invite everyone to contribute to the group as per their interest and time.
>> In particular, where active participation is difficult - contributions through use-cases, FAQs, diagrams, documentation are welcome.
>> ----
>> DPVCG should be working towards these deliverables:
>> 1. Data Privacy Vocabulary (DPV) v0.2
>>  a) This would include more concepts in existing taxonomies
>>  b) This would also include more 'core' concepts - currently we have
>>     some proposed concepts in the Wiki taxonomy section
>>  c) It is important to keep the vocabulary evolving
>>  d) proposed timeline: have the next version published by September
>>     2020
>> 2. Collection of use-cases, case studies, and requirements
>>  a) Use-cases are from existing adopters/implementers - industry as
>>     well as academia
>>  b) Case-studies are descriptions of situations where the DPV(CG)
>>     would be of use and benefit - these provide potential application
>>     and help drive discussion as well as demonstrate to outsiders what
>>     we work towards
>>  c) proposed timeline: collect and publish by September 2020
>> 3. Documentation for DPV use: Primer, Examples, and FAQ
>>  a) Primer: a simple guide for understanding DPV that is aimed for
>>     non-specialists -> this is important to get adoption
>>     IMHO. Proposed timeline is to have this published in August 2020.
>>  b) Examples: documented examples of using DPV for some common
>>     use-cases -> this is where implementers and people who are
>>     interested will look to for how the DPV can be used for some
>>     use-cases. This is an evolving deliverable, but we need some
>>     common items to start this. We can work on this based on the
>>     use-cases and case-studies as we collect them.
>>  c) FAQ: questions arise regarding usage, concepts, etc. The FAQ
>>     section is an area to collect such questions and the discussions
>>     surrounding it. This is also an evolving deliverable.
>> Soft deliverables:
>> 1. Maintain wiki
>>  a) e.g. concepts discussed on mailing list, references
>>  b) ongoing basis - needs volunteers
>> 2. DPVCG contributors guide
>>  a) this is a guide for contributors to refer regarding how to propose
>>     concepts, how to look for existing concepts
>>  b) this is also an introduction to new participants to know more
>>     about the group
>>  c) ideally - we have a wiki page that does this
>> 3. Documented process for addition of new concepts
>>  a) Currently, we have an item in the documentation that specifies
>>     providing a list of fields. We should create a dedicated page for
>>     contribution (see earlier point) with instructions on how to look
>>     up and align with existing terms, etc.
>>  b) This will allow more people to contribute terms and drive adoption
>> 4. Re-implement ontology documentation generation (e.g. R2RML -> W3C
>>  ReSpec)
>>  a) The current implementation is based on a hack (git blame will show
>>     I'm responsible for this) that is not fit for continued use
>>  b) If we create a good pipeline for automatic ontology documentation
>>     - we can implenent it and forget it.
>>  c) I would propose having the process take a CSV file (like we
>>     currently have) and generate the corresponding documentation using
>>     W3C ReSpec (also what we currently use).
>> 5. Better layout and diagrams for DPV documentation
>>  a) As title says, improve upon documentation with examples, clarity,
>>     diagrams, etc.
>>  b) No timeline for this, continue to improve with time.
>> Regards,
>> Harsh
>>> "Harshvardhan J. Pandit" <> – June 22, 2020 10:05 AM
>>>> This is listed as ACTION-139 on the tracker.
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