Re: Deliverables and Timeline

Dear All,
The following are some proposed future deliverables and timeline.
I plan to update the group's main page on W3C with this information.
Comments, suggestions, changes are welcome.

The group functions based on interest and active participation from the 
community. Therefore, I invite everyone to contribute to the group as 
per their interest and time.
In particular, where active participation is difficult - contributions 
through use-cases, FAQs, diagrams, documentation are welcome.


DPVCG should be working towards these deliverables:
1. Data Privacy Vocabulary (DPV) v0.2
    a) This would include more concepts in existing taxonomies
    b) This would also include more 'core' concepts - currently we have
       some proposed concepts in the Wiki taxonomy section
    c) It is important to keep the vocabulary evolving
    d) proposed timeline: have the next version published by September
2. Collection of use-cases, case studies, and requirements
    a) Use-cases are from existing adopters/implementers - industry as
       well as academia
    b) Case-studies are descriptions of situations where the DPV(CG)
       would be of use and benefit - these provide potential application
       and help drive discussion as well as demonstrate to outsiders what
       we work towards
    c) proposed timeline: collect and publish by September 2020
3. Documentation for DPV use: Primer, Examples, and FAQ
    a) Primer: a simple guide for understanding DPV that is aimed for
       non-specialists -> this is important to get adoption
       IMHO. Proposed timeline is to have this published in August 2020.
    b) Examples: documented examples of using DPV for some common
       use-cases -> this is where implementers and people who are
       interested will look to for how the DPV can be used for some
       use-cases. This is an evolving deliverable, but we need some
       common items to start this. We can work on this based on the
       use-cases and case-studies as we collect them.
    c) FAQ: questions arise regarding usage, concepts, etc. The FAQ
       section is an area to collect such questions and the discussions
       surrounding it. This is also an evolving deliverable.

Soft deliverables:
1. Maintain wiki
    a) e.g. concepts discussed on mailing list, references
    b) ongoing basis - needs volunteers
2. DPVCG contributors guide
    a) this is a guide for contributors to refer regarding how to propose
       concepts, how to look for existing concepts
    b) this is also an introduction to new participants to know more
       about the group
    c) ideally - we have a wiki page that does this
3. Documented process for addition of new concepts
    a) Currently, we have an item in the documentation that specifies
       providing a list of fields. We should create a dedicated page for
       contribution (see earlier point) with instructions on how to look
       up and align with existing terms, etc.
    b) This will allow more people to contribute terms and drive adoption
4. Re-implement ontology documentation generation (e.g. R2RML -> W3C
    a) The current implementation is based on a hack (git blame will show
       I'm responsible for this) that is not fit for continued use
    b) If we create a good pipeline for automatic ontology documentation
       - we can implenent it and forget it.
    c) I would propose having the process take a CSV file (like we
       currently have) and generate the corresponding documentation using
       W3C ReSpec (also what we currently use).
5. Better layout and diagrams for DPV documentation
    a) As title says, improve upon documentation with examples, clarity,
       diagrams, etc.
    b) No timeline for this, continue to improve with time.


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>> This is listed as ACTION-139 on the tracker.

Harshvardhan Pandit, Ph.D
Researcher at ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin

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