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[minutes] 2019-01-22 dpvcg

Action 50: Slides

Action 51: Slides

Agenda DPVCG telcon 2019-01-22

Agenda for tomorrow's DPVCG call

dpvcg-ACTION-58: Look at iab europe consent framework

dpvcg-ACTION-59: Send mail to list with the criteria for data protection assessment from edpb

dpvcg-ACTION-60: Look at use cases in the wiki to see if one matches the deletion rules ideas eva posted (especially deletion depending on an event or purpose rather than a fixed period)

dpvcg-ACTION-61: Schedule webex for 12 feb 14:00

Fwd: Action 50: Slides

ISSUE-9: Where are categories of data controllers used, where are they useful? (cf. recital 98, 99, 100)

Shared notes on Work Overview

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