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Hi Harsh,

Here is a short description of Signatu:

Signatu is a Cloud SaaS and has implemented the DPV in its Data Processing
Specification tool.

Signatu consists of:


   an API for websites/apps to integrate with Signatu and register consent
   events in order to record and demonstrate consent and build a consent event

   a Data Processing Specification tool to specify a complete consent
   request (or specification for other legal basis). Each specification has a
   unique version.

   Each specification can be integrated into:

      a consent dialogue (opt-in model) presented to end users

      a legitimate interest (opt-out model) presented to end users

      a privacy policy presented to end users (each policy has a unique

The integration of the same text into e.g. a consent request and a privacy
policy ensures that both documents/statements have the same text.

Signatu also has a tool (Trackerdetect) to automatically detect cookies and
3rd party recipients┬┤ remote resources used on websites. The cookies and
resources are mapped to a database of 3rd parties that has information that
is included in the Data Processing Specification together with the
resources used on each URL.

Hence, we distinguish between on the one hand, information as a property of
the website/app recipient, and on the other hand, information as a property
of the 3rd party recipient.

We have a number of additional fields to make a full data processing record
(as required by GDPR Art 30).

We expect to complete the implementation of the dpv and our additional
fields in the middle of January 2020.

Note that in addition to some of the dpv categories, we have created own
categories (for purposes and for personal data) and we have included all
legal basis for transfers to 3rd countries. We will happily contribute with
our additional categories and legal basis for transfers.

Note that we own the rights to the GDPR lexicon (

The lexicon has full inflection of all word classes.

We want to use the lexicon to make the dpv multilingual.

There are of course challenges to make a universal syntax that works in all

In Signatu, we support 11 languages.

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On Thu, Dec 19, 2019 at 10:51 AM Harshvardhan J. Pandit <>

> Hi Georg, we have a meeting call scheduled on 7th Jan (see
> for details)
> and would be delighted to see the use of DPV in action.
> I suggest we co-ordinate via email to put this on the agenda and to
> ensure the demo goes through smoothly.
> P.S. In the meantime, I'm sure a lot of members would be very interested
> to know more about this - so please feel free to share any
> links/documents about use of DPV on the mailing list if you wish.
> Regards,
> Harsh
> On 18/12/19 6:53 pm, Georg Philip Krog wrote:
> > Dear Axel and Rob,
> >
> > Signatu <> has adopted the DPV in its Data
> > Processing Specification tool.
> >
> > This tool is used to generate consent request statements including for
> > cookies and for 3rd parties/Trackers that use remote resources on
> websites.
> >
> > We would like to demonstrate to the group our adoption of the DPV and
> > show problem areas and areas for improvements and additions, especially
> > for online activities that involve using 3rd parties/Trackers on
> websites.
> >
> > I have joined the W3C group.
> >
> > Best regards,
> > Georg
> >
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> > Georg Philip Krog
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