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Re: Next telco

From: Harshvardhan J. Pandit <me@harshp.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2018 11:43:19 -0400
To: Stefano Bocconi <stefano@waag.org>
Cc: public-dpvcg@w3.org, Axel Polleres <axel.polleres@wu.ac.at>
Message-ID: <1a210780-7793-ba11-c7c4-21aaf407080e@harshp.com>
Hi Stefano,
I think it was based on the F2F meeting at BDVF, Vienna.
If there are enough people attending the F2F, then the next meeting 
would be scheduled to happen at/around BDVF. Else, 6/11 as per the 
regular slot.
I also think there is supposed to be a doodle/poll regarding attending 
the F2F.

@axel was chairing the session that day. The minutes of the meeting are 
yet to be circulated.


On 22/10/18 6:28 AM, Stefano Bocconi wrote:
> Hi all,
> Sorry I cannot recall what the decision was regarding the next call, and I have two dates in my agenda:
> 6-11 and 13-11.
> Which one is the planned one?
> Thanks,
> 	Stefano

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