Agenda for tomorrow's DPVCG call

Dear all,

For the DPVCG call tomorrow 20/11/2018, I suggest to follow the default agenda and focus on preparing the meeting in Vienna on December 3rd (in two weeks from now)
Unfortunately, I cannot participate myself due to another meeting I can't move, so I'd kindly ask Bert to chair. Please discuss questions you have in terms of 
local logistics in particular, which I will then try to answer per email, see also below (where I added some points already)

Thanks & best regards,


For dial-in info, cf. <> 
Also, please join us on IRC: <> < <>> --> join channel #dpvcg

1) Roll call, select scribe, agenda
2) Approval of last telcon's minutes:
3) Go through action items (we might want to keep this short) <> 
4) Progress since last call
5) discuss/prioritize Agenda items for the meeting in Vienna
	- fix breaks/lunchtime (such that I can look for options where we could go)
	- decide whether we want to continue 4th in the morning as well (maybe in a smaller group? such that I know whether I have to book another room)

Logistics, as far as known already:
Please note, that I suggest the following timeline for the vienna meeting:
	Room: <>
	Start: 8:30
	End: 16:30
The Vienna Semantic Web meetup which has as a topic this time W3C and Standardization will start right afterward at 17:00 <>
If you want to join, please don't forget to register.

Prof. Dr. Axel Polleres
Institute for Information Business, WU Vienna
url:  twitter: @AxelPolleres

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