Using media published by DPC as source for terms

Dear All,

Should we use/align terms from various communication/media published by 
regulatory bodies & offices of the DPC?

Today, DPC Ireland published a report on "List of Types of Data 
Processing Operations which require a
Data Protection Impact Assessment" 

It a short document (6 pages) with page 5 listing "Factors influencing 
DPIA preparation". Point 3 on the page says, "Profiling/Evaluation - 
Evaluating, scoring, predicting of individuals’ behaviours, activities,  
attributes including location, health, movement, interests, preferences; 
" - which are relevant as types/categories associated with Processing 
and Personal Data.

IMHO it would be a good idea to include these sources as, perhaps, 
organisations would be more likely want to align their vocabularies with 
that of officials, and the DPVCG taxonomies should be able to assist 
them in this.


Harshvardhan Pandit
PhD Researcher
ADAPT Centre
Trinity College Dublin

Received on Thursday, 15 November 2018 14:39:04 UTC