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22 Jan 2015

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          Tzviya, janina, Rich_Schwerdtfeger, Matt, mgylling, +1.512.659.aaaa, Suzanne, Ivan, ShaneM




     * Topics
         1. Updates to DPub vocabulary
         2. Container Elements
     * Summary of Action Items

   <scribe> scribe: janina

   <tzviya> Agenda:

   <tzviya> * Updates to DPUB-ARIA vocabulary [1] by Shane, Markus, and Tzviya [1]

   <tzviya> * Steps toward authoring the module [2]

   <tzviya> * Questions from DPUB about container elements (e.g. ‚€œanswers‚€) (based on suggestions from Rich last week)

Updates to DPub vocabulary

   <tzviya> https://www.w3.org/dpub/IG/wiki/DPUBVocabulary

   tzviya: I've added a column for revised term definitions
   ... A few questions ...

   matt: Big question -- some of the main terms such as "part" ...
   ... Concerned about implications
   ... Is it a problem to be too publishing specific in our terms?

   <Zakim> ShaneM, you wanted to ask about the wiki document and role mappings

   Marcus: These will be part of our defined ARIA vocabulary
   ... So, any term we use should also be generic

   Tzviya: So a book will have several parts, and each part will have several chapters ...
   ... Any concern for meaning outside of publishing?

   Shane: Would it be OK for me to add yet another column to capture the expected role parent for each term?
   ... Understand part -- I read ...
   ... What value to consumer?

   Janina: Navigation

   Tzviya: For pub/auther, helps us organize our content
   ... We have xml for lots of atomized content, but need to aggregate
   ... So "part?" or "BookPart?"

   Janina: Suggest to not over-worry possible clashes.

   Shane: Agree

   Rich: Are these updated?

   Tzaviya: Some

   Tzviya: Old ones still there for reference

   Rich: Definite improvement!

   Shane: Believe it's fine to have publishing specific terminology

   Marcus: Point is that they have different accessible names

   Shane: Is backward compatible, old AT will know section

   Janina: So provides at least flat navigation with older AT

   Rich: Asking about clashes with annotation
   ... ARIA now also looking at annotations

   Ivan: I'm also a Staff Contact for Annotations WG
   ... We're always talking "books," but our terms need also to be valid for other pubs, e.g. "article"

   Marcus: Tend to say "publication"

   Tzviya: Anything else?

   Matt: Are these one-liners defs it? Or is there an opportunity for fuller definitions?

   <Zakim> ShaneM, you wanted to ask if there is any importance to the order of terms in the wiki?

   Tzviya: "no" to the question of order

   Rich: "How will page breaks be handled?

   Tzviya: Let's wait on that ...

   Janina: Seems "skipable" is an attribute

   Rich: Not sure how to understand HTML usage aspect ...

   Tzviya: I think when we get to module ...

   Shane: Seems, unless there's a compelling reason to restrict a role, we shouldn't

   Tzviya: Summarizing ... We're updating defs, most updated and soon to be in wiki

   Shane: has added a column re relationships to parent roles

   Rich: Believe one reason to get these into ARIA so HTML validator will validate
   ... It will be problematic to try and have the generic HTML validator enforce these roles
   ... Rather, rely on epub specific validators

   Matrcus: Yes

   Rich: Should probably be clarified here

   Ivan: Clarifying the concern is with reliance on the "HTML Usage" column ...

   Rich: Yes

   <Zakim> ShaneM, you wanted to ask about how we should deal with new roles that are similar to existing metainformation terms that are not YET ARIA roles?

   <ShaneM> http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml/vocab

   Shane: above machine readable vocabulary
   ... Concerned about clashes

   Tzviya: Had this conversation at TPAC, these may need rewriting ...

   Shane: These are not currently roles
   ... Do we promote these to roles? Or some other categorization?
   ... Want to make sure whatever we do with these is done by intent

   Rich: This is why we need a clear model

   Tzviya: Clarifying, if I define a role not on the list, the native role will be invoked, and nothing breaks?

   Rich: Yes

   Shane: Just doesn't validate

   <ShaneM> ... so scope it if you are worried it might ever conflict.

Container Elements

   Tzviya: Recalling that container roles is important ...

   Rich: Yes
   ... e.g. Does this publication have an "Answers" section?
   ... Suggest thinking of use cases
   ... Would someone want to navigate to one of these, e.g. to "Answers" section

   Janina: Suggests footnote use cases ...

   Rich: Wants to know how footnotes handled

   Tzviya: NoteRef is reference to foot/end note

   Shane: Would "QNA" be legitimate

   Tzviya: Would be a container that contained both quests and answers
   ... Not yet sure we need to keep QNA

   Shane: Asking about "pull quote"

   Marcus: It duplicates content already on page
   ... With a screen reader would come at a random location and not make sense

   Shane: So a role skipped by default?

   Tzviya: Yes

   Marcus: Will make this as complete as possible for next telecon

   Shane: Send to me when you can so I can update for parent role

Summary of Action Items

   [End of minutes]

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