Re: aria-describedat

> On Aug 11, 2015, at 2:40 AM, Chaals McCathie Nevile <> wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Aug 2015 20:29:57 +0200, Gunderson, Jon R
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>> Rich,
>> In your example does the SUMMARY element content serve as the text equivalent for the image, or would the image also need an ALT attribute?
> In the example as suggested, it appears that there needs to be an alt as well.
> Actually, the example wouldn't work at the moment, and would force everyone to read the full table, which is pretty sub-optimal, given that details/summary isn't implemented - and therefore nor is it part of an HTML standard.

Straw man fallacy. 

The referenced example works fine.

It has native support in Safari & Chrome, and proof-of-concept polyfill support in Firefox & IE.

> An alternative is to provide the table via longdesc, but while almost all screenreaders support this fine, support for non-screenreader users in browsers is still pretty much rubbish :(

Rubbish, indeed.

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