Re: after W3C f2f in DC last week -- phone call Thursday morning 9 am Pacific time?

On 18/04/2012, at 8:40 AM, Lee Tien wrote:

> Apologies to Jeff Chester for not saying that this request for a meeting was at his urging.  Jeff has put a great deal of energy and effort into the W3C process.
> We hope you will be able to make the call.

It's unlikely I'm afraid, but I have read the Eckersley-Lowenthal-Mayer proposal (which looks excellent), and have some questions:

1. If an out-of-band selection is made, does the user agent somehow recognise this and reflect it in its own exception API?  For example if I click on "allow" for Google on a Google preferences Web page, then go to my list of exceptions in the browser's preferences window, does Google appear there?  Sorry if this is answered somewhere and I missed it.

2. What does this mean, in terms that a non-mathematician can understand? "N-unlinkability is the special case of K-anonymity where all values are considered part of the pseudo-identifier. A dataset is "unlinkable" when there is a high probability that it contains only information which, for a skilled analyst, is 1024-unlinkable with respect to particular users, user agents, or devices."


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