Re: CSS Pages and Pagination (was: Prioritisation)

Sanders Kleinfeld wrote:

 > Paged Media does not yet meet every single one of our needs (e.g., we
 > fall back on XSLT postprocessing of XHTML to generate text nodes for
 > cross-reference in a more sophisticated fashion than currently
 > supported by CSS Generated Content for Paged Media)
 > but it meets most of them, 

It warms my heart to hear this.

 > and the fact that there are professional-grade tools available that
 > implement it (we use AntennaHouse) makes it viable to center a
 > print publishing program around the specification. I can't yet say
 > the same for any other spec.

Exactly. Gradual improvements Paged Media seems like a viable way
forward, rather than a "let's kill all the sheep and start with goats"
approarch. I've been adding some features here:

As always, specifications are quite useless without implementations,
so I'm reluctant to add more until implementations catch up. But I'd
be interested in hearing your list of requirements for

 > And I'll echo Daniel and Tzviya with a big thumbs up for the excellent
 > work Dave Cramer and others are doing to evolve and enhance GCPM.

We have consensus: Dave is great!

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