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FW: Garth Conboy appointed co-Chair of the Digital Publishing Interest Group

From: Siegman, Tzviya - Hoboken <tsiegman@wiley.com>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2016 15:59:02 +0000
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Hi All,

Here is the official announcement regarding the changing of the guard. 

Thank you, Markus. We will miss you.

Welcome to Garth.


Tzviya Siegman
Information Standards Lead

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Subject: Garth Conboy appointed co-Chair of the Digital Publishing Interest Group

Dear Advisory Committee Representative,

I am pleased to appoint Garth Conboy (Google) as a new co-Chair to the Digital Publishing Interest Group[1]. He replaces Markus Gylling, who takes up new responsibilities at the IMS Global Learning Consortium[2] as head of operations for Europe.

Garth Conboy has been solely focused on eBooks and Digital Publications for nearly 20 years. Garth was a founding member of the Open eBook Forum (the predecessor organization to the IDPF) in 1999 and he has served both technical and leadership roles continuously since then. Garth is currently co-Chair of the EPUB Working Group and Chairman of the Board of the IDPF.

Garth is a senior engineering manager at Google, responsible for the Google Play Books clients. Prior to the acquisition by Google, Garth was co-founder and President of eBook Technologies, Incorporated (ETI). The ETI team played significant roles in pioneering the eBook market, releasing the first commercial eBooks in 1998 and, at Google, they continue to drive innovation in electronic book sales, distribution, and reading systems.

Garth is inventor or co-inventor of numerous eBook-related patents; technologies including: cryptography and secure content distribution, eBook UI, resource/database dynamic conversion for cross-platform applications, and optimal paginated document presentation.

I would like to welcome Garth in his new role.

I would also like to express my thanks to Markus, who played a pivotal role in setting up the strong cooperation between the IDPF and W3C, and who had been co-Chair of the Digital Publishing Interest Group since its creation. Markus was also the initiator of the concept of Portable Web Publications (PWP)[3], which will play an important role in the future evolution of digital publishing.

This announcement follows section 5.1 of the W3C Process Document [4].

For Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director,
Xueyuan Jia, W3C Marketing & Communications

[1] http://www.w3.org/dpub/IG

[2] https://www.imsglobal.org/

[3] http://w3c.github.io/dpub-pwp/

[4] https://www.w3.org/2015/Process-20150901/#ReqsAllGroups

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