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Re: Reworked the section on 'horizontals'

From: Leonard Rosenthol <lrosenth@adobe.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2016 19:05:52 +0000
To: Ivan Herman <ivan@w3.org>, Tzviya Siegman <tsiegman@wiley.com>, "Deborah Kaplan" <deborah.kaplan@suberic.net>
CC: W3C Digital Publishing IG <public-digipub-ig@w3.org>
Message-ID: <61195A4D-E0BF-47CF-B8E5-A16E24911E89@adobe.com>
A few editorial comments.  They are all related to separating what an author is able to do with the technologies (which is about PWP) from the technologies themselves (which is the OWP).

>Web content has to be accessed under different circumstances that Web site authors must be prepared for:
>the content must be available to the largest possible audience in a secure manner and providing the necessary protection of the reader’s privacy
Replace with:
“Content produced using the Open Web Platform set of technologies can be accessed under different circumstances.  The content author should be able to prepare their content such that it can be available to the largest possible audience.”

> To achieve this goal, the underlying technologies must be able to answer to
Replace with:
“By using the Open Web Platform technologies, solutions to”
and then end the sentence with:
“are provided.”

> People with disabilities should be able use the content
Replace with:
“An author should be able to provide content that can be consumed by people with disabilities”

Device Independence:
> Content should be
Replace with:
“Authors should be able to develop content that can be”

> Privacy concerns are raised as applications built on the Web platform
Replace with:
“Content that utilizes the Open Web Platform technologies”

My only other comment is that the second and third use case/example are almost identical – do we need both?

Otherwise, looks good.


From: Ivan Herman <ivan@w3.org>
Date: Tuesday, August 16, 2016 at 10:57 AM
To: Tzviya Siegman <tsiegman@wiley.com>, Deborah Kaplan <deborah.kaplan@suberic.net>
Cc: W3C Digital Publishing IG <public-digipub-ig@w3.org>
Subject: Reworked the section on 'horizontals'
Resent-From: <public-digipub-ig@w3.org>
Resent-Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2016 14:57:16 +0000

Deborah, Tzviya,

as agreed yesterday, I reworked the section on horizontals; here it is:


Salt-'n-pepper at your will:-) But I hope this is the direction you had in mind!

(Needless to say, there are some cut-and-paste here from some W3C pages…)


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