RE: Welcome Juha to Devices and Sensors Working Group


Juha Vainio from Tampere, Finland. Working for Intel.

Little bit background:
* ~3 weeks in Devices and Sensors WG
* ~1.5 years in Intel's Web team
* ~23 years, from Web point of view, extremely low-level SW (flashing, booting, secure SW (below OS))

Currently working with various Web services in devices and sensors area and learning Chromium env and Web ecosystem.

Weather report:  Grey, wet & dark for next 2 weeks (might be for next 2 months).

Current work mate: A cat
Juha Vainio

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> Hi Devices and Sensors WG participants,
> I'm thrilled to welcome Juha to the Devices and Sensors Working Group. As
> some of you already noticed, Juha joined our TPAC meetings last week to learn
> about the work we're doing. Starting straight with a TPAC meeting is quite a
> crash course into our group's work -- I hope it was not too overwhelming!
> Juha, please feel free to introduce yourself and your interests toward the
> group. Or tell us something about the local delicacies of Tampere :-)
> We look forward to working with you. Welcome on board!
> Thanks,
> -Anssi (DAS WG co-chair)

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