CfC to publish Geolocation API Amended Recommendation - review by 18 June 2020


This is a Call for Consensus to publish the Geolocation API as an Amended Recommendation.

Please review the latest Editor's Draft [1] (change summary at [2]).

If you have any concerns with this plan, please respond on this list by 18 June 2020. Silence is considered consent.

Rationale: Since the Recommendation published 8 November 2016 [3], the spec has been adopted by DAS WG and subsequently hardened for security and privacy in line with the group's maintenance commitment. These changes are substantive, but add no new features.

(As a W3C Process quirk, we'll publish a revised CR and PR before we get to publish an Amended Recommendation.)


-Anssi (DAS WG co-chair)


Received on Thursday, 11 June 2020 19:48:16 UTC