Re: Draft DAS WG Charter 2020-2022 - review by 8 April 2020

Hi All,

Thanks for your review and comments for the proposed charter. No concerns were raised during the review period and the charter is now ready to advance to its next review stage.

We received one comment that warrants expansion:

It was brought to our attention a category of apps that rely on a device's built-in barometric altimeter have substantial presence in the native app ecosystems [1]. This sensor type that is available in modern mobile computing devices measures the atmospheric pressure for more accurate readings compared to GPS-based altitude measurement technique called trilateration.

Given altitude is already in scope of the Geolocation Sensor [2] (as well as the feature complete Geolocation API [3] in maintenance), the proposed solution is to allow requesting a new Geolocation Sensor with readings limited to altitude, optionally with a hint to ask for more precise readings using any mechanism that provides better precision. This design adheres to the principles of data minimization we are committed to in this charter, minimizes API surface changes, and maximizing reuse.


No changes are needed to the proposed charter in order for the DAS WG to consider barometric altimeter a new location information source in the context of the Geolocation Sensor.


-Anssi (DAS WG co-chair)


On 1. Apr 2020, at 12.22, Kostiainen, Anssi <<>> wrote:

Hi DAS WG participants,

The Devices and Sensors Working Group Charter that guides our work is due for its biyearly renewal for 2020-2022 period, and we've prepared a draft for your review [1] (diff [2]).

Please provide your feedback via GH issues [3] by 8 April 2020. As a DAS WG participant, you are privileged to review this charter before it advances to W3C Management and AC reviews.

Here's a summary of changes to the current charter:

- Updated Scope to clearly describe commitment to security and privacy focused and use case-driven specification development.
- Split Wake Lock API into Screen Wake Lock API and System Wake Lock API, and added Fold Angle Sensor deliverable.
- Noted deliverables at W3C Recommendation may be upstreamed to WHATWG HTML Living Standard for maintenance.

For the chairs,

-Anssi (DAS WG co-chair)

P.S. NOT an April Fools' Day joke! :-)




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