Re: Web API for Health Sensors


Please also refer to [1], which described one version of BLE GATT client API from Mozilla. 

The web app on smart phone will receive sensor data by BLE GATT client API. 
And web app on smart watch will send sensor data by BLE GATT server API. 

But before web app on smart watch can send sensor data, we need a Web API to get them from HW. 


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On September 16, 2014 at 7:17:46 AM, Marco Chen ( wrote: 
> Hi, 
> > We are looking at adding a socket connection to the BT device. That would handle communication 
> with sensors onboard the device that cannot be handled by BT itself. 
> Referring to current pair of Smart Phone and Smart Watch, 
> 1. what related to BT is what BT Web API can be provided by Web App to develop BLE profiles 
> and SPP (serial port profile) based on BT socket. 
> That is used to communicate between phone and watch. (I guess you mean this) 
> 2. and how does Web App in smart watch get sensor data via Web API? Maybe this is the one Arpita 
> asked for and I am interesting too. 

I would encourage you to bring the above questions to the BTCG [1]. There are people in the group with much more knowledge than I that can probably answer all your questions and help work through the use cases. 


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