Re: CfC: publish Battery API as CR, respond by 12 November (next Wednesday)

Hi Frederick,

> On 05 Nov 2014, at 18:32, Frederick Hirsch <> wrote:
> This is a Call for Consensus (CfC) to publish “Battery API" as a Candidate Recommendation (CR) working draft, with no features marked as 'at risk' , with the exit criteria of two independent implementations of all features, and a CR end date of 8 weeks after publication as the earliest possible  date for PR transition. 
> The editors draft is at
> The Last Call has been completed and there was one comment which was resolved [1].
> Please send all comments regarding this CfC to the mail list by 12 November (next Wednesday). Silence will be considered as agreement. If you support this CfC, a positive response is preferred and encouraged (even a +1 will be useful).
> Assuming no issues and a successful transition request, I would anticipate publication 9 December 2014 and with crEnd at 3 February 2015, but we might agree to adjust these dates.

I've prepared a snapshot for "W3C Candidate Recommendation 09 December 2014" release:

Source diff to previous published version:

HTML diff to previous published version (linked from the SotD):

Added to the SotD:


No substantial changes have been made since the W3C Last Call Working Draft 28 August 2014.

The CR exit criterion is two interoperable deployed implementations of each feature. No features are marked as 'at-risk'.


The document passes pubrules, link checker.

Please review and let us know if further changes are needed before TranReq.



> [1]

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