Re: Call for potential DAP charter additions - please respond by 7 July 2014

On Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at 12:04 PM, Charles McCathie Nevile wrote:

> I would encourage you to write a charter that says what you are going to
> do.

FFS, Charles. We are going to do that! The point is to figure out what might be good things to work on. Then we can do the IPR review once we have the charter written and it gets reviewed by the AC.  
> If it turns out that W3C gets very inefficient at reviewing and
> approving minor updates, we should deal with that, but not by asking for a
> priori approval to work on *anything that might be cool*.

Stop trying to downplay or ridicule my request for input to improve the platform. You know perfectly well what I was asking for and so does everyone else on the list.    
> In a world where
> some W3C members have large IPR portfolios and actively use them, that is
> like asking for unnecessary trouble.

Yay! Let's further hold back the Web because of Charles IPR FUD. 

Seriously, you poo-poo'ing everything every time we try to do something progressive at the W3C is getting really tiresome. If you want to provide ideas on interesting things to work on, then do so. Otherwise, please stay out of the way and you can have your say about IPR when this goes for review. Shutting down discussions with FUD and bringing a whole bunch of ridicule and negativity to the WG is not helpful. 

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