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On Wed, 19 Feb 2014, at 4:54, wrote:
> Mounir
> Thanks for following up on the Network Information API.
> I think it might make sense to update the Network Information API draft
> as part of publishing it as a Note. 
> We’ve had a lot of discussion on the list, along with proposals, all of
> which seem to be in agreement that bandwidth in the current draft is
> problematical. If we do not change this, every time someone looks at the
> Note to see what happened they will revisit it and likely not remember
> the discussions.
> I’d prefer to see us adopt a proposed change that we have rough agreement
> on and then publish it as a Note, reflecting the latest thinking.
> Concretely, maybe we should update to the proposal
> and then publish as a Note (which in the status can point to the email
> thread 
> (the alternative is to simply publish a note shelving the current work as
> we did for the other specs recently. However,  indicating in the status
> section the recent discussion might be as  much work as updating the
> draft)
> Thoughts, all? 

I disagree that there is any kind of agreements. The best agreement we
reached is that people agreed to disagree with the current
specification. It is not clear to me that there will be a broad
agreement on another version of the API. Otherwise, we could just move
on to specify it.

It might be preferable to make the specification a note as-is. Empty or
not, it is not that important, TBH.

-- Mounir

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