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> (1) Obscure all information about the device*except*  the friendlyName by replacing it with a per-session hash value before exposing it to the web app. That way it will not be possible to infer information that would potentially help in figuring out exploits (IP address, model, make, etc.), but if anything were to go back to the device, the NSD APU implementation would still be able to map it back to the actual values before sending to the device or searching the data. friendlyName is required, because the web app should be able to present the user a choice of devices to use (e.g. to select on which printer to print).
JCD: This was discussed, and here is one exchange: my proposal (with 
elements similar to yours) and Rich's response

How would the rest of the web app work in your case ?
I advocate the extension of NSD to include messaging, but how would you 
handle messaging ?

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