Re: Network info API

On Sat, 1 Feb 2014, at 8:35, Marcos Caceres wrote:
> Hi,  
> So, I'm still not sure how we should proceed with the Net Info stuff. On
> the Mozilla side, we are keen to at least put forward a new spec.
> However, we don't want to waste anyone's time (including our own) doing
> that unless other implementers think this is worth while. 
> I guess if we don't hear anything within the next week or two we will
> shelve the idea.  


There is some interest in Chromium/Blink to implement something similar
to NetInfo [1] [2]. However, this is still controversial and even in the
Chromium/Blink community, it is not clear that there is much consensus
regarding how to tackle that problem.

Mozilla's new proposal is basically NetInfo v1 with a change event
(surprising that NetInfo v1 didn't had one...). The proposal sent to
blink-dev [2] is actually not that different. However, it is not clear
that this will be implemented for the Web Platform. As mentioned in [1]
this proposal is to implement the feature in Blink for Chrome Apps only
to start with.

For what I understand, no one likes the current specification (even
Mozilla who first pushed for it) but I do not see a serious counter
proposal that everybody is happy with. I would recommend that we shelve
the current specification. If Mozilla and Chromium ends up implementing
something similar and have good feedback, I am pretty sure that someone
will step up to write a new specification but I am not really seeing
that happening in a near future so I would not recommend to work on
another specification before we get a clear and strong consensus behind



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