Work on new charter? (was: Call for potential DAP charter additions - please respond by 7 July 2014)

Hi all,

Le lundi 23 juin 2014 à 12:00 -0400, Frederick Hirsch a écrit :
> This is a request to share any potential charter additions for
> consideration. Please respond by 7 July 2014 (2 weeks) either on the
> public list (preferred) or privately to myself and Dom.

Based on Frederick's note that we will proceed with the
StandBy/Wake-Lock API within the current charter [1], the urgency to
work on a new charter has diminished a bit.

Nevertheless, our charter expires by the end of this calendar year, and
given that we still have a number of work items under development, I
assume we will want to at least extend it, perhaps update it.

If we want to take advantage of the expiry of our existing charter to
update it, we should have a new charter ready for W3C management
approval and Advisory Committee review by end of October.

One topic that was raised by the discussion on the standby API and that
a new charter could address was the desirability for the group to start
work on new deliverables with a shorter cycle than what is currently
required for a full rechartering; in particular, it was pointed out that
some groups (e.g. HTML, perhaps CSS) have the ability to start new specs
as long as they fit in the general description of the scope of their

Input on the desirability of updating our charter would be welcome.




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