Re: [admin] Updating /TR/shortname for shelved work items

Hi Frederick, 

On Tuesday, October 8, 2013 at 8:39 PM, wrote:

> marcos, 
> I usually assume editors leave drafts in a valid/link checked and suitable state at all times, so hopefully getting to Note should be fast and easy but we will see.
Having gone through the pub process probably about 50-100 times now, it's always a bit annoying. C'est la vie. 
> My asking Anssi is an honest question as to whether he can help. I'm prepared to do so as well, and appreciate your offer. We'll have to see what is involved, maybe we can divide up the work.
> thanks again for the suggestion to publish as Notes, a good idea.
Bigger thanks to Anssi for raising the issue :) 

Marcos Caceres

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