Re: [discovery] Adding CORS to NSD API - proposal and issues

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>     JCD: If NSD requires modifications to SSDP, it will work with 0
>     devices at the beginning.
> But if implementers refuse to implement NSD spec as is, we will never 
> be able to discover ANY type of device.
> So regardless of people preferences, we need to be pragmatic.
JCD: I am very pragmatic: I have an implementation of NSD that works 
without being implemented in browsers.
But you do not seem to be pragmatic: if you implement NSD in Opera and 
it works with 0 devices, who is going to use it ?

There are multiple contradicting constraints here, but you are caught in 
them just like I am.

> As discussed in the other thread, we need to go for a default 
> implementation that is strict even though this means not supporting 
> legacy devices. We can imagine UA to hide behind a user setting the 
> ability to expose also legacy devices, but that would be a second step.
> Of course use of NSD API in context where security is guaranteed in 
> some other way (app stores?) could be not restricted in the same way,
>     This is a sure way to have a standard that will not be used.
> I don't see how a standard that browser implementers refuse to 
> implement is ever going to be useful.
JCD: I do not see how a standard that works with no devices is ever 
going to be useful.
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