[discovery-api] Adding user opt-in UI non-normatively to the spec


Whenever discussion of the Network Services Discovery API comes up
outside this group it is usually followed by some level of confusion
on how 'user authorization opt-in' UI is intended to be implemented
(i.e. how users ultimately choose the network services to share with a
web page).

While it is generally a good idea for W3C specs not to dive too deeply
in to UI specifics within specifications it may still be a good idea
to add a basic opt-in UI/UX example to the spec in a non-normative

The UI/UX suggestion that I'm proposing to add to the spec is:


These mock-ups can be updated as necessary.

Are there any objections to adding this as a non-normative annex?
Alternatively, anyone else have alternative UI/UX proposals we should
include instead here?

Best regards,


Received on Tuesday, 5 November 2013 09:44:56 UTC