[discovery] request to simply the NSD API

Dear all

The current NSD API is used in this sequence:
- NSD.getNetworkServices( "type", callback, errorcb)
- then in callback, you immediately set the onserviceavailable callback 
and you return, because usually, the first NetworkServices object you 
get is empty
- then onserviceavailable is called, and in there you call 
NSD.getNetworkServices( "type", callback, errorcb) again
- then in callback, you immediately set the onserviceavailable callback 
and you do the actual work.

You need to define:
- a function calling NSD.getNetworkServices( "type", successcallback, 
- a onserviceavailable callback that calls NSD.getNetworkServices( 
"type", successcallback, errorcb)
- the successcallback.

It is possible to define a wrapper around this to deal with the 
onserviceavailable process transparently for the author, on top of the 
existing API.
Thus, I avoid the need for the definition of onserviceavailable.

The actual code does the same as above, but the process that the webapp 
author sees is:
- discover( "type", callback, errorcb)
- then in callback, you immediately do the actual work.

Why not simplify the API and get rid of the need for onserviceavaible ?
Why make the API more complex than it needs to be ?
Why expose a more intricate process that brings no advantage ?

Best regards

Note: here is a possible implementation of the wrapper avoiding the need 
for onserviceavailable:

function discover(serviceType, callBack, errcb) {

     var thisFunction = function (services) {

         services.onserviceavailable = function () {

             NSD.getNetworkServices(serviceType, thisFunction, errcb);


         if (services.length > 0) {

             callBack.call(this, services);



     NSD.getNetworkServices(serviceType, thisFunction, errcb);


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