Re: Test suite migrated to github

On Monday, June 3, 2013 at 11:50 AM, Dominique Hazael-Massieux wrote:
> I did know about the goal of consolidating documentation, but it wasn't
> clear to me that this implied consolidating the submission and review
> processes (although I can see why this would be needed).

Yeah, these go hand in hand. We can't reasonably consolidate the documentation if the processes don't also consolidate.

Currently, half the battle for contributors is figuring our where and how to submit test. Standardizing both will be a massive win.
> While I personally don't have any particular objection to this (and
> would in fact probably benefit from it), some WG participants may not
> want to have their hands tied when it comes to the way they work, esp.
> if they haven't been involved in defining the said processes.

The purpose of this consolidation effort is to simplify everyone's life, WG members' and contributors' alike. Currently, every group does a paste/copy job of whatever group was there before, slightly amending stuff in the process to account for a different repo name or mailing list address. The opportunity/cost ratio is clearly in favor of standardizing this and sharing a common set of processes and tools.  

That said, the submissions/review processes will be hosted on GitHub and treated as a living document subject to community and consensus driven changes. So every group who is contributing to the common repository can have a say.

Secondly, if we actually bump into a situation were we cannot get consensus on what the process should be, there is always the option for a WG to decide to host its tests in a dedicated repository on Of course that would be a shame, but that's always a possible fallback.
> Could this be raised and clarified to the W3C chairs list? So far,
> migrating test suites to github was mostly administrative, but bundling
> it with a pre-defined process changes the nature of the migration.

Yeah, tbh, I would have like to have at least a draft of a common set of processes before doing so. We're working on this now and should have something ready by the end of June. Contributions welcomed, of course. 


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