Re: [Network Service Discovery API] device type search

I support what Igarashi-san says about device type.
I am not sure I support cross-domain or more access to UPnP specific stuff.
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On 9/1/13 08:59 , Igarashi, Tatsuya wrote:
> Hi,
> About Network Service Discovery [1], Nao suggested that the API should
> support searching by “device type” in the following email. Any comments ?
> [1]
> I used to work on the UPnP standardization more than 10 years ago (in
> very early stage of the UPnP Forum). IMHO or not, I would say that
> there is a misleading about “device type” and “service type” due to
> its names. Actually, “device type”, i.e. UPnP device, does not
> represent a physical device, e.g. TV, but does a logical entity which
> contains UPnP services (a functional module). The concept of UPnP
> service was introduced to define what is optional module and to reuse
> a module in definition of other UPnP devices . Many UPnP devices can
> co-exist on a physical device. In this sense, “device type” of UPnP
> corresponds to “service type” of Bonjour. As Nao explained that a UPnP
> controller typically searches a UPnP device. So that it would be very
> beneficial if the API supports searching by “device type” of UPnP device.
> The following [2] is the reference to the UPnP Device Architecture. It
> would be appreciated if other UPnP experts support what I explain above..
> [2]
> Thank you.
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> *From:*Sato, Naoyuki (TDG) []
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> *Subject:* [Network Service Discovery API] device type search
> Hello,
> Thank you for providing the Network Service Discovery API draft and
> its implementation.
> We are reviewing Network Service Discovery API w/ the simple
> prototype. from the feedback of this prototype, we'd like to request
> the following functions into Network Service Discovery APIs.
> - device type search and cross domain access
> When we make a UPnP controller application, we believe that a
> controller typically searches by "deviceType" such as
> "urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:MediaRenderer:1" or
> "urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:MediaServer:1" at first rather than
> serviceType such as "urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:AVTransport".
> This is because a controller tends to expose device list for user to
> select one to be controlled and presentation name, icon etc for the
> list belong to deviceType.
> For the media renderer example, after locating a MediaRenderer
> deviceType to be controlled, a controller may use its AVTransport
> serviceType to control the media playback and also use the
> RenderingControl serviceType of the same device to control the
> rendering functions.
> For this case, it will be better to be able to search by "deviceType"
> to ease a controller to get these two services from the device.
> Likewise, other search target (ST) values alllowed in SSDP such as
> "ssdp:all", "upnp:rootdevice" and "uuid:<UUID>" should also be allowed
> in the Network Discovery API, shouldn't it?
> We suppose all those are "service" in the sense of general term.
> Therefore it seems natural to us that the Network Service Discovery
> API can discover UPnP deviceType.
> If the above is a good idea, the cross domain should be allowed to
> access the UPnP device resources such as the device description page,
> the service description page, the device icon or etc in addition to
> than controlUrl written in the device description.
> Thank you,
> nao

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