[admin] tomorrow DAP teleconference canceled (5 Dec)

Tomorrow's DAP teleconference is canceled as we have a number of regrets and no new mail list items for discussion.

Ongoing activities include preparation of publication drafts  of shelved items,  Network Service Discovery issue list discussion and draft updates and testing.

Our next call will be next week, 12 December.

regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch, Nokia
Chair, W3C DAP Working Group

open actions: 

ACTION-523: Anssi Kostiainen to Work on test cases for battery, vibration, and HTML Media Capture

ACTION-645: Frederick Hirsch to Share Network Service Discovery editors draft with PING

ACTION-654: Jean-Claude Dufourd to Propose text for network service discovery to define wildcard api and feature detection

ACTION-657: Anssi Kostiainen to Revise battery tests for idlharness, find qa person to help

ACTION-660: Anssi Kostiainen to Determine interest in progressing network information api or not

ACTION-665: Anssi Kostiainen to Update vibration draft per action-652

ACTION-666: Giridhar Mandyam to Check with internal implementers whether vibration api is consistent with chip capabilities

ACTION-671: Anssi Kostiainen to Prepare shelved note publications after tpac 

open issues: see http://www.w3.org/2009/dap/track/issues/open

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