RE: web intents version of sensor api

This isn't relevant to the topic of this thread - the dap sensor api - since clearly the feedback is that the WG would rather have a direct api and doesn't want to use web intents.

But the webintents taskforce is enabling more general use of webintents than simply sandboxed app to sandboxed app.  The UA or UA/extension can provide the service end.  They're looking at use cases that can do things like send commands to devices on local networks.  E.g. turn on a light or control a vcr.  So services are not limited to what can already be done in a web app.

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>> I agree with Mounir when he says that web intents should be limited to
>application to application interaction. We agree that it would be useful for some
>very specific use cases but it would be overkill for more common and popular use
>I also agree. Web Intents makes sense for application to application.

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