Re: Minimization

Hia device APIs folks --

I've made some updates to my document on API Minimization[1] with a view to
getting something in shape to publish from the TAG (not yet clear if this
would be a note or what) in the Summer time-frame.  The idea is to do
something short that defines the topic area and sets out some architectural
principles.  My time-frame is to try to get something ready for our June TAG
f2f for discussion.  I'm hoping this would be in-line with your needs in
DAP.  Towards that end, I'm wondering if the group has done any additional
thinking in this area which I could incorporate into the document, and if
not could I encourage you to do so? :)  I would especially be interested in
implementation feedback on APIs that incorporate this principle in their

Dan Appelquist


Received on Thursday, 12 May 2011 12:27:39 UTC