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Re: Request for interested participants in an Health & Welness Web Apps W3C community group

From: Micheil Smith <micheil@brandedcode.com>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 12:45:13 +0100
Cc: public-device-apis@w3.org, Dominique Hazael-Massieux <dom@w3.org>, ian.hay@orange-ftgroup.com
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To: "Lopez de la Fuente, Jose Manrique" <josemanrique.lopez@andago.com>
Could it not be an idea to have these sensors speaking something like websockets 
or server-sent events? (see html5 communications section), rather than implementing 
yet another protocol of communication?

Unless I'm not quite understanding the proposal.

Micheil Smith

On 29 Jun 2011, at 11:09, Lopez de la Fuente, Jose Manrique wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> First of all, I would like to thank Dominique for giving us the opportunity to present here an idea we have been working on during several months.
> My name is Manrique Lopez and I have been involved in W3C Mobile Initiative in the past, and I am writing here as member of the Continua Health Alliance[1]. I hold the 2nd Vice-Chair of the Technical Working Group (TWG) and I am mostly involved in the Moblity Task Force inside the WG.
> The TWG's mission is to evaluate existing standards against requirements, based on Use Cases, in order to identify gaps and take steps to reconcile. One of the Use Cases identified by the Mobility TF is related with using a mobile web application to get data from health and welness sensors. Data could come from different sources, protocols and transport layers, and nowadays there are several apps for getting the same data, or you need a native app. There is no standard way to manage this data from a web app, specially since most of the solutions are based on native apps (that communicate with external devices using Bluetooth, ANT+, NFC, etc.).
> Based on the work done by W3C DAP WG we have identified that it could be possible to define an standard Health & Wellness Sensors Web API that could be used by web apps to get data from internal and external sensors (through different transport layers). It would be a similar approach that it has been done for W3C Geolocation API. 
> Continua does not create/write standards or recommendations, but it provides guidelines based on existing standards to ensure a E2E ecosystem of interoperable providers, as it does suggesting IEEE 11073 data format for data transmission between devices. So we would need someone to define that API standard, and we have thought as W3C as the perfect umbrella for this task. There are some companies in Continua willing to participate on this, and Dominique has suggested us to communicate our approach to the W3C DAP WG, because it would be possible to create a W3C Community Group [2] to start working on it, and see who would be interested in participating from the already existing W3C DAP WG.
> From Continua side, there are at least 4 or  5 companies willing not only to participate but also to work on open implementations of the API.
> I hope you could find this proposal interesting, and we are open to any question, comment or suggestion you could provide.
> Again, thank you very much and best regards,
> [1] http://www.continuaalliance.org
> [2] http://www.w3.org/2010/12/community/summary
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