Device API suggestion

Hi there,

I am a software engineer working at Google in the mobile search ad space,
and we're always looking for ways to improve our users' experience. The
opportunities for us to do so are much greater in the mobile space, due to
the increased amount of information available, such as geo location, compass
and accelerometer sensor information. After doing a little research I came
upon the "Device APIs Requirements" document (, and was pleasantly surprised by the
amount and variety of capabilities the working group has discussed and
recommended for inclusion in the API. There is one capability I find strange
to be missing from the list, and that is the ability to retrieve the phone
number of the device (if available). Accessing the phone number obviously
carries a privacy concern, however, many of the other bits of system
information (especially geo location) are just as, if not more sensitive. I
thought this requirement would fit in nicely in the System Information
section alongside the other network related bits such as network type and

I see that this document is from 2009, but I was unable to locate a
more-recent copy. I thought there might be more info in the Network
Information API (from, but the link on that
page gives a "document not found error" ((

I would appreciate it if you could point me to more relevant/up-to-date
information if it exists, especially if this requirement is in the pipeline
somewhere. If, however, it is not, I would like to formally request its
consideration (if that's possible). I will gladly assist in any way that I

Thanks for your time on this matter, and also for being a part of the W3 and
contributing to web standards development.

Tyler Potter
SWE, Google Inc.

Received on Tuesday, 14 June 2011 00:37:17 UTC