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> Does someone have details available to help clarify the relationship to HTML5 menu element?

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>> What is the relationship between what DA WG will specify here versus what is in HTML5:

Some experiments which could *potentially* provide inspiration for the work:

* As part of the experiment (, Paul proposes a way to extend the HTML5 <menu> as follows:


And I think the menu specification could help. I doesn't fit perfectly my needs. But here is a way to implement this idea:

* <menu type=application> is a menu accessible from the UA menu bar

* A <html> attribute would hide the native toolbar. The page would be in charge of creating a menu.

* <menu type=context> is menu that should be injected into the native context menu
type=toolbar could be used to override the native toolbar, but website already have toolbars (think twitter, facebook). I don't see any clean ways to use, in a progressive-enhancement manner, this toolbar. I prefer an attribute.

type=application is not part of the specification.


* IE9 does something similar with Pinned Sites, but does not reuse HTML5 <menu>:

* A Mozilla Bugzilla entry related to Pinned Sites implementation has some ideas as well:

In the past there has been some (very little) discussion in this WG around extending the <menu> similarly to Paul's experiment, under the umbrella of "User Interaction API":

Here's Robin's executive summary on that one for busy readers:

(User Interaction API is being split into more concrete components in the new Charter, and one part is "An API to manage application menus".)


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