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RE: Question about HTML Media Capture specification

From: Dominique Hazael-Massieux <dom@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2011 15:27:26 +0200
To: "Jimenez, Ernesto, VF-Group" <Ernesto.Jimenez@vodafone.com>
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Le mardi 05 juillet 2011 à 12:58 +0200, Jimenez, Ernesto, VF-Group a
écrit :
> Maybe we should review what the use cases are. Given the current
> options, it seems the different capture options don't provide any new
> besides whether you want fresh or saved content.

I think characterizing this as "nothing new but fresh vs saved" is
missing the key part of this: the point is that for the user, using a
file picker or a camera are two very different operations, and it's
likely that the developer would like to be able to influence which
operation will be presented to the user; see a related discussion in

> > This originates from the Android implementation of this that takes a named
> > parameter to indicate the preferred source of the media content, but it's not
> > clear to me indeed how the developer would make a useful guess as to what
> > is best used for the given content.
> According to the thread you commented, Android implementation it's not
> even using the source parameter to choose a preferred source, but
> indicating the mandatory source (at least one year ago, :

That's what the Android implementation does, but as you note, that's not
what the specification states. The end goal would be to align with the
specification if doable, or to revisit it if not.

> As an example, if we want the capture element to be a hint on the
> *preferred* source, I would specify that UA's might use the capture
> attribute to select a source by default and they must allow the user
> to select another source.

That's what the current spec says, as far as I can tell.

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